A LASERific Fundraising Idea!!!
Want a completely different (and exhilarating) way
to raise money for your school or organization?

Everybody wins when you have your fundraiser at Lehigh Valley Laser Tag. Your school or organization earns money by simply selling tickets for your fundraiser night. You help determine how much your organization makes based on the amount you charge per ticket.

The cost for use of the facility is $500 per hour and the place will be yours exclusively. Fundraising events can be held Monday thru Thursday nights. Players will play as many games as possible during your adventure.

Food and Video Arcade games are not included in this price, but will be available for purchase.

* Tickets are limited to 90 per two hour event.

Profit Calculations

Amount of Ticket per person # of Tickets Sold Amount You Make
$20 50 $500 (one hour adventure)
  90 $800 (two hour adventure)
$25 50 $750 (one hour adventure)
  90 $1,250 (two hour adventure)

Reservations are necessary.
Fundraising events are NOT available on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or holidays.
Dates are subject to availability.

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Lehigh Valley Laser Tag
874 Marcon Blvd.
Allentown, PA 18109
(610) 443-2230

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